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What Type of GS FIP Treatment Should I Begin With?

There are two choices for FIP treatment with the GS-441524 antiviral: subcutaneous injections (liquid) or oral capsules. Ask yourself, "How bad is the situation right now?" This is the best way to decide.

FIP GS Injection Facts:

  • The GS441524 injection is given in the fatty tissue and delivers immediate treatment straight to your cat's bloodstream.

  • Injections can also deliver a precise dosage based on your cat's symptoms and body weight. This is important during the first stage of treatment because many cats gain weight quickly and the dose must be adjusted accordingly.

  • While no one wants to scare their cat with sharp needles, the most effective way to deliver GS-441524 is through injection.

Should I start with FIP Treatment Pills?

Oral GS441524 pills are easier to administer, but they have serious drawbacks you don't want when your cat is in danger:

  • Pilling isn't always easy. Dry pilling can cause inflammation and tissue damage. Always give your cat food or water after medication.

  • Oral delivery was shown to be slightly delayed in delivering medication and only had a 40% effect on blood levels when compared to the subcutaneous (under skin) route.

  • It's possible that your cat will just refuse to take the medications.

  • Oral administration is is not recommended if your cat is experiencing gastro intestinal issues, such as vomiting and/or diarrhea.

It is best to start your cat's FIP treatment with injections and considering switching to oral capsules or tablets once his or her condition has stabilized and he or she is eating and defecating normally and no longer has intermittent fevers.

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