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Who was Mutian? What did their FIP studies show?

Mutian® Xraphconn was one of the first oral antivirals available used to treat FIP. One 2021 study with a sample of 141 cats suggested that Bilirubin was the best predictor of treatment effectiveness. The results of the study that showed that Mutian X was effective in treating domestic cat pets with naturally occurring wet FIP. 96.6% of cats with T-bilirubin levels < below 0.5 mg/dL prior to the treatment could be saved. Yet, only 14.3% of cats survived when bilirubin levels exceeded 4.0 mg/dL, and survival rate dropped drastically. If you are here because your cat has wet FIP form, and you have the blood work, take a look at cat's Bilirubin, and this should give you some rough direction towards prediction of effectiveness of oral treatments. Another 2020 study suggested that oral antivirals have the potential to stop FCoV shedding, thus preventing its spread and possible transition to FIP. This study is particularly useful for shelters and multiple-cat households, which might be treating FCoV more often than FIP.

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