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FIP Oral Treatment - 10 Pills (One Pack)

One pack contains 10 pills. Each pill contains 40 mg.

Specially formulated and exceptionally potent.

Comes in an unmarked plastic bag (first image).

Dosage and Application:
20 mg/kg of body weight.

To Dose Pills for Your Cat, Follow These Steps:

  1. Determine your cat’s weight in kilograms (kg). 
  2. Multiply your cat’s weight in kg by 20 (mg/kg) to get the daily dose in milligrams (mg).
  3. Each pill is 40 mg, so divide the daily dose in mg by 40 mg to find out how many pills your cat needs every day.


Remember that the effectiveness of medicine taken orally is reduced by about 40%, which is why the suggested dosage is higher for pills compared to injections.


Ocular or Neurological Symptoms:
Multiply the recommended dosage by 1.5 to ensure that the medication can penetrate the blood-brain or blood-eye barriers and produce the desired treatment effect.


To Administer:
Food should not be consumed 30 minutes before and after administration. You can attempt to conceal the pill in a small amount of puréed cat treat, such as Churu, or in any other treat that your cat enjoys.

If the cat vomits within an hour, administer a second full dose; otherwise, you run the risk of underdosing.

Treatment Mechanism:
Inhibits gene replication of feline coronavirus and hinders virus reproduction.


Treatment Duration:
This treatment should be given once-daily for 12 weeks (84 days).


We do not believe it is a good idea to start the course with orals. In any case, injections provide immediate delivery to the bloodstream, and it is wiser to start with injections. Across the website, we have written statements that you should do at least 1/3 of the course by injection, but in reality, it is better to start with injections and finish with injections.  When your cat's condition and lab results improve (to normal or close to normal values) after receiving injections for "a while," you might choose to move to pills/tablets. Severity of symptoms matter. If your cat had neurological or ocular symptoms, you probably should not touch pills until the full course has been completed.  In other words, pills are a good supplement after 84 days to secure milestones which were already achieved.


In general, cats with Gastrointestinal issues, such as vomiting and/or diarrhea, are not good candidates for oral GS, and are instead administered injections. After this issue has been resolved, the option to switch to oral GS can be considered.


FREE Pill Dispenser will be included with the first order (subject to availability)

(!) DO NOT USE FIP TREATMENT Intended for Animals as COVID-19 (or other) Human Treatment.
(!) NO GUARANTEE of cure is made. By purchasing, you agree that you understand that the treatment is experimental, and may or may not result in successful treatment of the condition, and that you will not hold FIPCAT viable in case of death of your cat. Please read all other disclaimers. Please read all other disclaimers. If you disagree, consult your veterinarian about other options.

FIP Oral Treatment - 10 Pills (One Pack)

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  • Symptoms of FIP can include:

    • diarrhea

    • vomiting

    • stunted growth

    • upper respiratory signs

    • weight loss

    • abdomen build-up

    Treatment can inhibit FIP gene replication and prevent virus reproduction

  • Absorption:
    The subcutaneous route of administration is more effective than the oral route for GS absorption, which is frequently essential for the initial treatment of critically ill and unstable cats. 


    Treatment effectiveness:
    Oral GS is just as effective as injectable GS if it is given in the correct dosage and manner. Some cats do better with injections than with oral GS, while other cats do better with oral.


    We strongly advise completing at least four weeks of injection therapy prior to considering a switch to pills.

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