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Special Offer

Please note that our offer of one free GS vial can only be used once per customer per cat.
We kindly ask that you do not abuse this offer as our supply is limited, and there might be another kitty in need of the treatment.

Injectable FIP Treatment / 1 Vial / 20mg / 5.5mL / Meron

GS FIP TREATMENT. Liquid Formula for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP & FIPV)
Quantity: 1 vial.

Concentration: 20 mg per milliliter (mg/mL).

Amount: 5.5 mL per vial.

Shelf Life: ≥ 3 years at temperatures between 37F - 50F.
Limit: 1 vial per costumer
Country of Origin: China


Because time is so sensitive with FIP, we have decided to offer one vial for FREE (just cover shipping) to anyone who is still waiting for final lab-work to come in or does not have the funds available at the moment for purchase. It should last 2-6 days for your cat, depending on the weight.

Syringes will not be included to not break carrier policy and minimize delays. Please purchase your own in a pharmacy or Amazon.

This treatment can stop the spread of feline coronavirus by preventing the replication of the virus's FIP gene causing virus being unable to replicate and spread in the body.

Various studies not conducted by FIPCAT show:
- Generally, improvements can be observed between 1-7 days.
- Treatment success rate of 85-92%.
- Appropriate for both kittens and adult cats.


Time is of the essence! 
Remember, the earlier you start the treatment - the better, as even 1 vial today can mean a life difference to your kitty! Prompt treatment is essential for giving your cat the best possible chance of recovery. Later stages of FIP require doubled dosage, so it is important to treat FIP at early stages.

(Please see primary product page for more information and disclaimers).


Special Offer

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  • (!) NON-HUMAN USE ONLY (!)
    (!) DO NOT use FIP TREATMENT Intended for Animals as COVID-19 (or other) Human Treatment.  

    (!) These statements have NOT been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
    (!) Not intended for re-sale.
    (!) By purchasing, you affirm that the treatment will only be used for your personal pet in absence of other effective medications offered by your licensed veterinarian. You agree that you are not purchasing more than 3 month supply of treatment at a time.
    (!) You agree to provide laboratory tests from a licensed vet where euthanasia is suggested for your animal and no other treatments can be offered by your vet. Lab results must contain the name and the address of the vet/clinic.

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